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118 on dark mode

14 on Dark mode!

5 Dark mode. Get on my level scrubz. Also you enter dark mode by typing "Sans" at the beggining.

Try to get on my level scrub. 71 on Dark Mode.

67 dark version


I got 33

Got 47 in the "dark" version


my best is 15 ;-;

That's better than Jack!

finally i've got something bigger than his! I lost in the forehead part


i got 11!

Just to let you guys know, I haven't forgotten about this. I'm just waiting for a way to test it properly. I'll try to keep you posted. I hope to make more silly free things.

i like da music


Dis is gonna be some cool sh*t when it comes on mobile

I really hope you get this, but after the toughest debugging I've ever done, mobile is complete. Now to move on to some GameMaker!


I'm so exited for this to come out on mobile!

When my computer's fixed I'll get to work. It's played in your browser btw. No flash required.


You might see this on ygs 100! Cuz Exited :3

May be too late. I was gonna submit it, but I thought that he may be making an obscure reference.

Yrah... I Guess. Oh wait Sh*t